Denim and Mustard

Casual, Fun Denim and Mustard Combo
I have to say, this color mix is a new obsession of mine.  I just love how it looks! Also, denim on denim are amazing.  Abella felt comfortable and ready to play in this adorable outfit.
For her hair, I styled it into a super high, side ponytail, then made a bun out of it!  She said it was her favorite hairstyle she's ever had.  It must have felt good, but she also thought it was trendy and cute! I love watching her get older and seeing what her own little personal style is!
This PERFECT mustard tank was purchased at Target!  I think I'd better go back and purchase a couple more in case this one gets stained or something, because I'm pretty sure it's going to be one of our big staples this Fall/Winter!  It also comes in a lot of different colors and it's only $5!
Here is a link to purchase it onine! Mustard Tank at Target

These adorable light denim, polka dot straight jeans were purchased from Gap and can be found here: Super Skinny Polka Dot Jeans
I love Gap denim for girls because they offer slim sizes, so they usually fit Abella well. I actually ordered these jeans a size up so they will fit for a while. That's why they are able to be rolled at the bottom.
The shirt was purchased last season but you can find a similar one at Target here:
Her sandals are Salt Water Sandals.  These shoes hold up SO well and they are very comfortable.  My kids are really hard on shoes, so trust me when I say they hold up well.  They come in lots of different colors, but our favorite are the brown ones this season!
We purchased Abella's here: Salt Water Sandals
Below is a close up of her high side bun and those beautiful brown eyes of hers! 

Happy back to school!
Katie and Abella