Best Friends

Abella and Brooke

Abella and Brooke are cousins that live about 5 hours apart.  We get to see Brooklyn about two times a year on average.  Whenever they see each other, they just kind of pick up where they left off!  They like to face time each other and be silly together.  Brooke is almost two years older than Abella but she's tiny so they are able to share clothes!  We had received some adorable outfits from GUESS just before their visit, so we decided to use them in our traditional best friends photo shoot. We try to do one every time we see them!  It's fun to watch them grow throughout the shoots! 

Abella is wearing this adorable white button up, collared dress with gold buttons and a tie waist from GUESS and Brooke is wearing these cute denim embroidered shorts that come with a white belt and a blue top with glittery rhinestone GUESS logo.  It has a little soft, white crop top that goes underneath it.  Abella bought best friends necklaces in the shape of heart puzzle pieces for her and Brooke.
We got the giant blue suckers from our last trip to Disneyland and as you can see, they quickly turned both girl's mouths blue!
We love doing the girl's hair in matching braids at least one time while we are together.  This time, we chose a very simple braid because I loved how their hair looked worn down. They both have such long hair, Abella with natural golden highlights and Brooke has this amazing deep red hair that glows copper in the sun.
 For most of the visit, we were at the beach, so of course, we had to get them matching bathing suits from Oshkosh, which I think they still have a few of on clearance if you hurry over! Charlie and Abella own these adorable orange sun hats from Oshkosh that looked adorable in the photos as well.  It was perfect weather all week. Sunny and warm!  Perfect week on the beach and both girls learned to surf!

I love how the photos captured not only their cute personalities but also their permanent, close bond!

Before we left to take these photos, we did their hair in these faux mohawks made with a line down the middle of ponytails and fishtail braided buns.

 We hope you liked their best friends shoot!  Next time Brooke comes to visit, we will be sure to do more photos to post here on Abella's blog!